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My Top Five Staging Tips            

Mar 05 2018

My Top Five Staging Tips            

by Guest Author Casey Didier

Everyone knows the basics when it comes to staging, declutter, take down family pictures, paint the bright orange living room.  Here are some tips to consider when getting ready to sell your home that you may not normally think of when preparing.


  • Do a deep clean.  Of course, when you are getting ready to sell your home it should be clean and tidy.  Nobody wants to see your dirty dishes or an unmade bed. However, maybe consider a deep clean, to really tackle any overlooked areas that may get noticed by a potential buyer.  For example, cleaning the windows (including vacuuming out the well) not only lets in more light, but if it goes undone, it can appear as though you don’t take the time to care for your home.  Subconsciously, that can be a red flag for a buyer. Take the time to really detail the kitchen and bathroom, get in all of those hard to reach crevices that may not get enough attention during normal cleaning.  Move the appliances to vacuum and wipe up dust and dirt. Another thing to consider is your light fixtures. Make sure they are clean and dust free to create a fresh and bright environment. If you have carpeting consider having it cleaned, even if you are giving an allowance to have it replaced.  Carpeting can trap odors and allergens, so the last thing you want is Fido’s accident haunting your buyers while they try to visualize living there. Last, organize behind closed doors. You want your buyers to see your home’s maximum potential. If they open a closet and it’s a wall of disarray, it’s hard to visualize how the space can be functional.  


  • Add a little greenery.  This may sound dumb or impossible to some.  If you’re not plant person, that’s ok, but maybe consider it for the little while that you are listing.  Plants add warmth to a dull corner, or brighten up an empty table, and many have air purifying effects. As humans, we are not attracted to lifeless wastelands if we are outdoors, so why would we not enjoy a little bit of green on the inside, too?  If you have pets, that ok! Here is one list that gives examples of air-purifying, pet-friendly houseplants.  


  • Turn on you lamps, if you don’t have lamps, this NEEDS to be your staging purchase.  There are two kinds of lighting, task and ambient.  Task lights are your typical overhead lights, often without a dimmer, functional lights.  Every home has task lights. Lamps can also serve as task lights when it comes to reading or working at a desk.  Ambient lighting offers a little something extra. Ultimately, when lighting a room, you want to create a soft and consistent glow throughout the room.  Dimmer switches portable plugs can help with this as well. There is a somewhat easy way to do this. If you think of a room in two or four quadrants, try to make sure that each “square” has a light source in addition to overhead lighting.  If this is done correctly, you may not even need your overhead light on. Last, make sure all lamps are all turned ON when you leave your home for a showing. Many Realtors will do this, but if not, make sure you do it as a seller.


  • Pull the furniture off the wall.  As a designer, there is nothing worse than a vast wasteland in the middle of the room with every piece of furniture stuck against the wall.  Granted, some rooms may only allow for one or two pieces to come off the wall and that is just fine. Ultimately, you want to create a focal point and a conversation area.  Even if it makes the room look smaller, it is better because it makes the room look useful. Two sofas that are 15’ apart don’t exactly scream, “cozy” to anyone. If you need help with this, requesting the help of a designer is not a bad idea.  While most designers work on sales commissions, almost any designer will also offer an hourly consultation fee, which may be well worth it if you are having trouble with space planning. If you hire Red Arrow, we will offer this for free!


  • Pick up the yard.  Of course curb appeal is important, EVERYONE does a drive by before they request a showing.  Here we are talking about the parts of the yard that you can’t see when you drive by. Make sure that backyard is groomed and neat.  You may want to consider removing a dilapidated shed or beat up outdoor furniture. Make sure that leaves are raked, weeds are pulled, and bushes are trimmed.  Maybe a backyard fence needs a fresh coat of paint or the deck needs to be resealed. Obviously, if you have a dog, make sure that your buyers can walk through the backyard without stepping in a land mine.


Hopefully, these tips and tricks will help you take your sale to the next level!  If you need more help, your Realtor will be able to help you with further ideas. You want your buyer to love your home as much as you did, so always show them what is great about it.  Ultimately, as a seller, you want to fetch top dollar and a speedy sale. Taking the time to follow some simple steps can help you reach your goal!

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