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How to Not Drive Your Agent Crazy!

Apr 01 2018

How to Not Drive Your Agent Crazy!

I wrestled with this title for a while because I don’t want to give the wrong idea. I have had the pleasure of helping some amazing people buy homes and I’ve really enjoyed their company. A harmonious relationship between the client and Realtor will make the process much smoother, sometimes it’s harder than you think. Here are some things you can do to be a good client, but also be sure to read our other blog post “Choosing a Buyer’s Agent” to understand what you should expect from your agent as well.  


Be on time for a showing, and PLEASE don’t “no-show”.

I get that people can run late, but shoot a text to let them know when you expect to arrive. Also understand that your Realtor may have another appointment to get to so if you arrive late, your appointment may be cut short. There is also nothing worse than a buyer ‘no-showing’ for a showing. The sellers (usually) go through a ton of work to get the house clean and organized for a showing. They may have to get their kids and dogs out of the house, even at a time that may pretty inconvenient for them. Please don’t no-show. At minimum, give the Realtor advance notice so they can let the sellers know.


Do your best to not slow down the process.

Once you have an accepted offer, you are in a binding contract. There will be times where documents are needed in a timely manner or follow up inspections need to be done by a certain date.  A missed deadline can kill a deal so when your Realtor or Lender tells you they need something, get on it.


If you’re working with a buyer’s agent, don’t call the listing agent.

This can cause a whole, big mess, especially if you want your agent to represent you. If you see a house you like, call your agent, they’ll take care of you!


It’s similar for an open house.

Let your agent know if you plan on touring open houses and come up with a plan on how to proceed. Some agents will call the listing agent ahead of time to let them know you’ll be walking through. Some will give you a handful of business cards to give to the open house agent. Both these actions tell the listing agent that you have representation.


Have a pre-approval and a plan prior to looking at homes.

A pre-approval from a reputable lender shows what you can afford and that you have done the work necessary to obtain financing. Looking at homes without a pre-approval is premature and also unfair to the seller and Realtors involved. Have a plan, know when you want to move and how you’re paying for it. For sellers buying a new home, work out with your Realtor and lender to take the proper steps in buying a new home. There’s a lot more groundwork that needs to be laid when you’re selling and buying at the same time so looking at homes shouldn’t be the first thing you do. Come up with a plan first.  


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